Our Culture

We want GREENGATE to continue to be a successful and sustainable company, so we want all of our employees to understand our vision, believe and share in our values.
We have highly experienced consultants, engineers and project managers who are experts in energy and power. Their knowledge and expertise is valued by our customers and our ability to attract, develop and retain such exceptional talents enhances our success

Our values govern the way we behave in GREENGATE. They are:
Code of Practice

Our values and Guiding Principles are vital in securing and keeping trust, creating a respectable, sustainable and profitable company with strong relationships – for the long-term.
Delivering in a safe and sustainable way.

Sustainable development is integral to all that we do. We balance social, environmental and economic priorities to create value for all our stakeholders.
We protect and support our employees and anyone working with us or affected by our activities, by promoting and implementing effective health and safety management systems and working practices. We are committed to continuous improvement of our health and safety performance, with our programme of ‘Beyond Zero’. This means that, leading by example, we can influence the safety behaviours of our work colleagues and the communities in which we live.
We protect and improve the environment wherever we can, minimising harm. We choose and promote effective environmental management systems and practices wherever possible. We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

We must also protect our business – for shareholders and the many others that depend on us for their livelihood. This means not just safeguarding our franchise to operate, but investing in the future and actively seeking opportunities for growth. We strive to identify and manage all risks that might threaten the future of our company.
Acting with integrity and respect.

We aim to be reliable, trustworthy and fair in all we do. We meet or exceed all applicable legal standards, honour our contractual commitments and avoid conflicts of interest. We keep company data accurate, confidential and secure and avoid corrupt behaviour of any kind. We communicate in an open and transparent way, internally and externally.
We respect the many different cultures of the communities in which we live and work and the human rights and dignity of their people. We involve our people when they are affected by our activities and seek to invest in their future, bringing them economic and social benefits.
Aspiring to excellence; passionate about success

We want GREENGATE to be a successful and sustainable company for the long term: one that our employees are proud to work for; that our customers and suppliers want to partner with; that local communities welcome; that shareholders want to invest in.

We remember to look outwards to our customers and the businesses with which we work, seeing things from their point of view. We do not just respond to their suggestions, but are proactive, anticipating their needs. We are creative and innovative in our approach, so that we do not just meet but aim to exceed the expectations of customers and others with whom we work.
As individuals, we take full responsibility for our own performance and decisions. We take action to address problems or failures quickly and we seek innovative ways to generate performance and growth. As employees, we must also deliver value to our shareholders, including profits that grow sustainably year by year.

We are committed to delivering on our promises, to our employees, the people we work with, our customers and all our stakeholders. We always aim for operational excellence and have a passion for success in all that we do.
Operational Excellence programme
Our Operational Excellence programme is about tackling continuous improvement in a consistent way and having consistent practices and procedures to work from. Across GREENGATE, we are creating world class operating systems and procedures. We want to work for the right customers and with the right suppliers – as the supplier of choice to our chosen customers, and the customer of choice to our chosen suppliers. We want to employ and retain the best people – people that want to develop their skills for the future. We want our culture to be one of delivery and performance

We believe passionately that knowledge and relationships are our main assets. Our knowledge represents the potential to add value and our relationships are the means by which we liberate that potential. One without the other is worthless. So we invest in our technical, scientific and business understanding and cultivate lasting relationships with our customers and markets and within GreenGate itself.

Sustainable development is shaping our business everyday; it is at the heart of GREENGATE’s values and Guiding Principles. In years to come, we believe that the only truly successful businesses will be those that achieve a sustainable balance between their own interests and those of society and the natural world.
We consider sustainable business practice as the balancing of economic, environmental and social responsibilities in a manner that meets the needs of our stakeholders, without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Everyone at GREENGATE has a role to play in making our company more sustainable. We aim to ensure that sustainable business principles filter into every level of our business and culture. GREENGATE supports all ten UN Global Compact principles.

Providing a healthy and safe working environment is of paramount importance to GREENGATE and its stakeholders and we do this through maintaining a world class safety culture. Our ‘Beyond Zero’ programme focuses on leading by example, influencing the safety behaviours of our work colleagues and communities where we live and work.
Our people are our greatest asset, they are the powerhouse that generates our profit through providing customers with services they need. We aspire to build the best army of engineers, project managers and consultants in the world. We protect and invest in our asset and as we grow we ensure that we continue to attract and develop their skills. In developing our international workforce, we bring the benefit of their local knowledge to our business but we also provide educational and skills development opportunities to the many communities to which our work takes us.

We aim to continue to make GREENGATE an attractive place for all people to work, providing an environment where everyone feels valued and has opportunity to grow and develop regardless of their background. We do this through listening to our people and creating opportunities for people to discuss their future.
Occupational health and safety.

The safe and sustainable delivery of our operations is one of GREENGATE’s guiding principles and providing a healthy and safe working environment for our employees is of paramount importance. Our vision is to ‘go Beyond Zero’ and achieve sustainable world-class health and safety performance across our global operations.
The essence of our Beyond Zero philosophy is the relentless pursuit of excellence. This commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in our Company Values and Guiding Principles down through our HSE Policy and Management Systems.

Our safety performance is a critical factor of our success and an operation is not seen as successful unless it is delivered safely. Our approach to safety management is subject to continuous review to ensure that it accurately reflects the demands of a continuously evolving business. Our global Health, Safety and Environmental policy sets out our key objectives across the business and has developed to focus on the three core elements of our Beyond Zero programme:
• Our standards
• Our leadership
• Everyone involved

Our community
Building strong, positive relationships on trust is vital to our work and success of the company. Every GREENGATE stakeholder, present and future, lives in a community and their perception of GREENGATE is shaped by their experience and interaction with our employees and organisation.
The work we do often brings us into close contact with some of the world’s more fragile communities. Working with them, building relationships and investing time and effort brings us all lasting and positive benefits. We have real opportunity to invest our efforts in ways that bring life-changing support to the most vulnerable in our global society. Through investing in local supply chains, infrastructure, education and skills we, as a company, can contribute to wider global sustainable development objectives.

We tap into the networks created by our people and harness their talents to identify and channel investment where it is needed. Through our strategic charitable work, we work together to support those less fortunate than ourselves, it reminds us what we are capable of doing when we work together.
Listening to community needs, respecting their rights and understanding where GREENGATE can help, support and nurture are all important parts of what it means to be a great company
Our environment.

Minimising our environmental impacts and maximising opportunities to enhance the environment are core to our sustainable approach. Our aim is to make sure the environment is properly considered in all our decisions. We seek to be effective and efficient with the resources we use, promoting environmental stewardship across all GREENGATE stakeholders through our environmental management systems.

Climate change represents the single largest environmental, social and economic challenge this century and will impact our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. It is, therefore, a key focus of GREENGATE’s sustainability strategy.
Our ‘low-carbon’ management strategy
Our approach to managing our carbon emissions follows a hierarchical approach of elimination – substitution – efficient management. Our strategy is to adapt the way we operate to make more effective business decisions, which cut our energy need, travel and resource consumption.
Supporting customers to manage climate change
Providing technological solutions to climate change is imperative to tackling this global issue. GREENGATE is at the forefront of many new innovations from low-carbon energy production, carbon capture and storage to assisting customers in carbon-proofing their management systems

Our marketplace
Working together with our partners and supply chain, we are bringing tomorrow’s solutions to the marketplace, today. As a company we are passionate about what we do; thinking about what our customers need and how we can deliver better and support their sustainable development aspirations such as carbon capture and storage, low carbon energy sources and sustainability management support services.

Our supply chain works with us to develop and innovate efficient and effective services. We have created relationships that provide opportunity for suppliers to grow and develop their business and enhance ours. In particular, we have worked hard to ensure that we engage the supply chain local to our projects, mentoring them and at the same time investing in their future.

What our clients think
Our clients are central to our aspirations, and we look forward to the opportunity to build on them in the next phase of our development. Each project we undertake is measured against customer satisfaction criteria.