About Us

GreenGate is a leading environmental and engineering consultancy firm. We have staff and associates, working in and around Nigeria. We also draw on the skills and resources of our business partners worldwide.

GreenGate Consult represents a new approach to sustainable development options and environmental management services that are fashioned to attain maximum efficiency for total client satisfaction-accordingly, we have the mandate to provide a comprehensive range of consultancy, software services and products, underpinned by science, supported by research.
In pursuance of this mandate, our human resources capability, products and services are evolving all the time, to meet your changing requirements.

We offer an extensive skills base of environmental scientists, engineers and administrators; a suite of world-class environmental models; and a software team that thrives on developing innovative systems that achieve business growth.

The three Aspects of GreenGate’s operation -
Environmental Consultancy, Engineering and Software Systems, and Research & Development - combine to offer the full range of professional assistance exactly the way our clients need. Diverse market sectors stand to benefit from our services, which aim at improving profitability through environmental cleaner performance. The advantages gained by working with us are achieved through our combination of skills, capabilities and knowledge that we are constantly developing.